Who we are

Sound Financial Planning, Inc (SFP) offers client-centered, fee-only financial planning services, and investment advice to individuals, families, and businesses. We are here to assist you in making sound financial and wealth management decisions that are in harmony with your goals, values, and dreams.  

Our mission is to offer you an open structure in which we customize a financial life plan for you. Your unique plan will be created using only the tools that add value to your situation. You can rely on the wisdom we have acquired through years of experience to find financial solutions that work for your unique situation.

Our approach to our clients is firmly grounded in the principles of Financial Life Planning. Our clients receive more than just investment advice; they receive comprehensive financial planning advice and education in all areas of their financial lives. As a result our clients enjoy financial peace of mind and are prepared for life’s unexpected events.

Our clients

Most of our clients are pre-retirees who are 50 years and older, and retirees who are affluent or semi-affluent individuals and families. Our clients desire ongoing professional assistance and coaching in the creation and implementation of strategies to reach their life goals, as they may exist now or develop in the future.

We are here to help with many different types of situations. Some of our clients turn to us first for help with the sale or purchase of a business, retirement, receiving an inheritance, an insurance settlement, change in health, investment losses, a marriage or divorce, or the loss of a spouse or parent.

* Sound Financial Planning is affiliated with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAFPA), the Fee-Only Network, our leadership has the Certified Financial Planner® designations, and we’re also affiliated with the Financial Planning Association® in Denver, Colorado.

How we can help you

As client-centered, fee-only planners, we are only compensated for our knowledge and services. 

We do not receive commissions from the sale of products such as insurance or investments, meaning our advice is rooted in fairness, transparency, and objectivity.

We always serve our clients’ best interests and strive to save them money.

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Our commitment to our clients

In consideration of the trust you place in us, we will commit to:

  • Act as your fiduciary. We will treat your money with the same care and prudence that we would treat our own. We will routinely make recommendations that we believe are best for you even if it means less revenue for our firm;
  • Have no allegiance to any company, product, or service, beyond our belief in its ability to help you reach your goals;
  • Get to know you, your personal objectives, your struggles, and challenges around money, and to tailor our recommendations so that they help you create an abundant and free financial life;
  • Treat your financial information in strict confidentiality;
  • Treat you with respect, professionalism, honesty, and maintain a nonjudgmental attitude toward the goals and information you present to us;
  • Be available to you during business hours, by phone or in-person;
  • Deliver valuable advice, even if it may create discomfort in the short-term. The people we work with prefer us to be honest whenever we encounter what seem to be unrealistic expectations or a pattern of living beyond one’s means, or a disconnect between stated goals and financial or purchase decisions.


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