To get started on your financial journey with Sound Financial Planning Inc., please download the following client forms and follow the instructions listed below.

Please submit them to our company via email at

For couples each partner should complete the Financial Satisfaction Survey and Life Transitions Survey.

Should you need more detailed instructions on how to download and complete the forms click here.

Instructions to Download and Submit Forms

Step 1:   Download each of the interactive PDF files.

Please download the interactive PDF files here by clicking on each file and saving to your computer.

Initial Interview Form (PDF)

Simple Financial Statement (PDF)

Financial Satisfaction Survey (PDF)

Life Transitions Survey (PDF)

Step 2:  Complete the forms.

Once the document is downloaded, please type out the answers to the questions that we have listed on the forms. Please click save once you have completed the form.

If you prefer to handwrite your answers please print the forms and fill in your information.

Step 3:   Submit the completed forms to our office.

If you have typed your answers, email the saved forms to

If you have handwritten your answers, you may fax the forms to our company at (360) 336-6528.