We base the Sound Financial Planning, Inc. process on five distinct stages that are rooted in the principles of Financial Life Planning.

Stage 1 - Explore: We will start by getting to know you and get a clear picture of what you hope to obtain from our service.

Stage 2 - Engage: We will gather all the required information to proceed with your financial planning.

Stage 3 - Envision: Based on all the information we have collected, we will work with you to establish your life goals.

Stage 4 - Enlighten: To align your finances with your goals, we will analyze and evaluate your current financial situation. This will enable us to develop, present, and implement a customized financial plan.

Stage 5 - Empower: With your financial plan up and running, we will provide you with updates and continuously monitor your progress toward your goals.

Each of these stages is broken down into a series of meetings and processes that aid us in better serving you.