What game plan do you have in place to navigate your life and legacy?

You probably have plans in place already, but does your family know what—or where—they are? We can help you organize everything from wills and life insurance, to account numbers and passwords, and even family recipes and photos you want to share. 

Everplans operates like an electronic safety deposit box, allowing you to keep a scanned copy of your information in a totally secure—yet instantly accessible—location. No one can get to it unless you want them to.

You’ll get to select “deputies” who can access your documents and information—these may include family members, friends, and other beneficiaries—and you can choose which “deputies” have access to which documents. 

A typical Everplan contains:

  • Everplans Store and Share Everything Important: wills, trusts, and insurance policies
  • Important accounts and passwords
  • Info about your home: bills, warranties, instructions
  • Health and medical information
  • Advance directives and DNRs
  • Final wishes and funeral preferences
  • And much more
  • Everplans helps you turn what may be disconnected details into a single, secure roadmap for your family. You can organize and securely store your most important documents and wishes—but best of all, you can share them with your loved ones, so you can all be sure things are under control and kept up to date.